About Us

Chapter PHO36 (UK and Ireland Section)

The Photonics community of the UK and Ireland region stands on the verge of a very important geopolitical event. As the region prepares to leave the European Union after almost half a century, the need to promote technological advancement and cooperation between research, industry and academia is greater than ever before. The domain of photonics and optics is an emerging technology field with crucial advancements and milestones to achieve in the near and distant future.

Identifying this need, the IEEE UK and Ireland Section set out to establish a dedicated Photonics Chapter for the region. As a sub-Chapter of the IEEE Photonics Society, the Chapter was established after careful consideration and is led by Dr Richard Pitwon. The committee members bring together a unique balance of experience and enthusiasm from academia, industry pioneers and entrepreneurs.

Together, we have set out to establish UK and Ireland’s dedicated Photonics community. To achieve our mission for the photonics community of the region, we are participating in multiple conferences, assisting with technical committees for meetings and conferences of the region and organising a unique annual conference to bring together academia and industry under one roof – IEEE British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics, nicknamed the Christmas Lights Conference.

IEEE British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics (BICOP)

BICOP 2018, to be held in December annually, is being organised with a vision of bringing together the best of academia and industry together. The opportunities for exchanging views and presenting ideas; thought-provoking talks and extending networking relationships for the delegates is, and will remain, the primary focus of the Christmas Lights conference (nicknamed such due to the festive time of the year).