Mental Health for Scientists: Challenges in Isolation

About this Event

In the times of a global pandemic and the overall insecurity of academic life, it can be extremely challenging to maintain positive mental health. We share a common optimistic hope that someday, mental health will be treated equally to physical health. In this event, Wendy will explain the basics of mental health followed by how our body and mind function during a global disease outbreak and isolation. She will share suggestions, tips and tricks to regain the feeling of stability and promote positive mental health.

Date and Time

Thu, April 8, 2021

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM BST

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About our Speaker

Wendy Ingram, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Dragonfly Mental Health and a Research Scientist at Geisinger Health

Wendy’s research focusses on biomedical informatics aimed at improving healthcare outcomes following surgery and better understanding of patient response to electroconvulsive therapy. She also serves as the Chair of the American Medical Informatics Association’s Mental Health Informatics Working Group.

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