Speaker Announcement (2019 IEEE BICOP)

Dr Michael Holynski, University of Birmingham, will be speaking at the 2019 IEEE British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics!

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Dr Michael Holynski, Birmingham University at the UK National Quantum Technology Hub at Birmingham University.. 15 Feb 2019

Dr Michael Holynski is a Lecturer and Innovation Fellow at the University of Birmingham. He is the lead of the atom interferometry research team at the University of Birmingham and the gravity sensing activities of the UK National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensing and Timing. His team works on a range of cold atom based gravity and gravity gradient sensing areas, with a particular focus on the development of field ready prototypes and enabling future reductions in size, weight and power. He is active in translating research to industry and has provided academic leadership to numerous collaborative research and development projects with UK partners. In particular, he is the academic lead of the Industry Strategy Challenge Fund project Gravity Pioneer that aims to translate these developments into UK industry and realise first prototypes of industry developed quantum gravity gradiometers. His research focuses on novel approaches in atom interferometry, and their application to quantum sensors for quantum technology and fundamental physics.

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